transmission repair

Transmission Repair

Heat, cold, and extreme driving and sudden changes in gears can add wear and tear to your transmission. If you’re tough on your vehicle than you’re tough on its transmission. Even spinning wheels to get unstuck from a snow bank can lead to serious wear and damage. At Brads Transmission Service Ltd we are committed to taking care of your vehicle whatever its requirements may be.

Transmission Problems You May Face

Transmission slip is one issue we deal with. A slip is when the engine revs during gear changes. This could indicate low fluids or electrical issues. Some problems are detected by strange noises. A funny noise coming from your transmission might indicate a problem as small as a loose exhaust bracket to a major problem with the internal workings. We recommend fixing small problems before they can become a much larger issue.

Most of today’s transmissions have some form of computer controls on them and transmission issues can often be cured through the replacement of an electrical component rather than the transmission itself. Booking an appointment with us for an evaluation of your transmission problem before having it replaced is strongly recommended.

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